Dispute Resolution

Alfarma has experience managing customer claims related to quality, delivery delays, and transport damage. The claims process and can be uncomfortable and having a local partner with experience is very important than trying to solve them from point of origin.

Sales & Collection Process

Alfarma takes responsibility for a sales process that can include multiple rounds of negotiation where competitor information is not made public, and a collection process that is challenging. We have been through several periods of financial crisis that withstood them.

Government & Physician Relationships

Alfarma has a well-established record for taking a long-term approach that is a benefit to our company and our suppliers in helping solve problems.

Market Research

Alfarma has successfully introduced new products into the Cuban market. We have a team that manages the required market research process and the coordination on local trials, medical education and training which is the key to successful new product introductions in Cuba.

Product Registration

Alfarma has a dedicated pharmacist and a standard operating procedure for product registration that we provide to manufacturers and suppliers to streamline the registration process in Cuba. Alfarma is the company with the most product registrations in Cuba.


Local expertise with Global Experience.
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